March 23, 2022 3 min read

After two years in development, with a rigorous focus on detail, and multiple revisions to ensure perfection, our BodyShield and BodyShield Dispenser are now on the market!

Following on from the recent launch of its PillowGuard range, multi-award winner Purifas is excited to announce the launch of its long-awaited BodyShield and BodyShield Dispenser, both of which are set to establish a new standard in hygiene practice.

We are well aware that our bodies carry many different pathogens (both harmful and non-harmful) that can be easily transferred on to any shared surface or piece of equipment used in a clinical environment — which immediately creates an infection risk.

According to the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, any piece of equipment that is shared among clients should be sanitised with a disinfecting agent and then covered with a single-use physical protection barrier between each client.

Our BodyShield is the only evidence-based, recyclable physical protection barrier that covers the entire therapy bed:

  • making it easy for therapy professionals in the allied health, massage and beauty sectors to adhere to government guidelines and to ensure best hygiene practice is applied, and
  • helping to reduce the risk of infection associated with a shared therapy bed.

Market research shows that customers prefer our BodyShield!

  • Over 93% prefer our BodyShield for hygiene and comfort.
  • 56% would be willing to pay for our BodyShield.
  • 40% would happily change their practitioner if the clinic’s product of choice was not recyclable.

Don’t take our word for it — an independent clinical trial found our BodyShield reduced bacterial transfer and the risk of infection by an astounding 94% — so it’s no wonder the BodyShield is preferred by leading and progressive therapists around the world.

Our BodyShield is designed specifically to be used with our BodyShield Dispenser, a sturdy piece of equipment that offers easy placement of the BodyShield, and provides hygienic, single-touch dispensing and tearing.



The patent-pending Purifas BodyShield is the ultimate in both client comfort and protection.

Resistant to blood, sweat, water and saliva, the BodyShield is unique in that it covers the entire surface of the therapy bed and is secured in place using the Purifas bed hooks, which means it does not move during treatment.

Strong and durable, while remaining soft and smooth, it’s completely noiseless during use.

It’s also 100% recyclable!

Our BodyShield is available in two roll sizes and can be ordered online now!

- 72 cm x 232 cm AU$33.00 (NZ$33.60)

- 100 cm x 232 cm AU$48.40 (NZ$49.20)

For best hygiene practice and to fulfil a therapist’s duty of care, the BodyShield is used with the BodyShield Dispenser.


BodyShield Dispenser


Specifically developed alongside our BodyShield and made from strong powder-coated steel, the dispenser conveniently houses a roll of BodyShields, keeping it clean and neatly out of sight.

With two sets of five cutting teeth, which line up perfectly with the BodyShield’s perforations, your therapy bed is fully covered with just a single, gentle pull.

Inserting a new roll is easy — insert a bung into each end of the roll, place the roll into the dispenser and close the lid.

Place this sturdy dispenser on the floor at the foot of your therapy bed or wall mount it for optimum hygiene and ultimate access.

Enjoy quick, effortless and clutter-free dispensing of the BodyShield, right down to the very last one.

The BodyShield Dispenser comes with two roll bungs, two bed hooks and screws, one roll of BodyShields (100 cm x 232 cm) and one wall-mounting guide and is available to order online now for AU$352.00 (NZ$358.40).

Take a look at our evidence-based best practices steps for all therapy settings that we developed to help you apply best hygiene practice.

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