For Customers

Did you know that approximately 452 people acquire a healthcare associated infection every day?

Guarantee your peace of mind with our FaceShield at your next health practitioner visit!

A 2017 study of Australian hospitals found that the rate of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) is about 165,000 per year, primarily due to lack of hygiene practice - that is, bacterial transfer onto shared surfaces and hands of healthcare workers. (1)

Furthermore, a study of Australia Teaching Hospitals found that only 30% of staff were found to follow hygiene protocol when unmonitored, leaving you more susceptible to contracting infectious diseases such the influenza virus. (2)

How does this affect you?

Whilst current common practice is to use a towel or sheet over the massage bed, the greatest risk lies in where the most bacteria is transmitted, the face hole, which is often the least protected area.

The face hole can be a hub for the transmission of spit, saliva, skin cells and airborne germs which remain on the surface between clients.

Purifas' revolutionary FaceShield was specifically designed with this in mind, with its patented skirt providing greater protection from germs that may have been passed from patient to bed.

Our clinical research shows that the bacterial filtration properties of our FaceShield reduces your exposure to other people’s potentially harmful bacteria, so you can be reassured that the bed you lie on is safer and healthier.

What our customers loved

  • 87% of customers preferred our FaceShield over the current standard because it was more comfortable, felt cleaner and gave more coverage of the massage bed.
  • 94% of customers who used the FaceShield were satisfied with it.
  • The 2 ply fabric of the FaceShield was reported to be more comfortable and did not stick to customer’s faces. 
  • The internal skirt provided more protection, a greater sense of hygiene and did not obstruct any breathing whilst face down on the massage bed.



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