Bed Hooks

Our bed hooks are used to keep our BodyShield in place on your therapy bed and to help minimise its movement during treatment.

Attaching the bed hooks to your therapy bed is a simple DIY project and we have developed some step-by-step and easy-to-follow installation instructions to help you. (The installation process does differ slightly depending on the type of therapy bed you have, so it’s important you follow the right instructions for your bed.)

We are including one FREE pack of bed hooks with every BodyShield order — just be sure to add the bed hooks to your cart and the cost will be deducted at checkout.

Note: If you purchase our BodyShield Dispenser it comes with 2 x roll bungs, 2 x bed hooks (and 4 x screws), 1 x roll of BodyShields and 1 x wall-mounting drilling guide.